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Drunk Driving Accidents San Diego Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney

Nowadays, you may come to know about the rising number of accident cases due to drunk driving or DUI because people who drive after drinking are far more prone to do accidents than the sober drivers are. As they are unable to react and judge fast due to the influence of alcohol, these drunk driving accidents often cause severe injuries compared to other car accidents.

Therefore, such accidents victims often face more serious injuries and need to go through long treatment procedure. Here comes the necessity of drunk driving accident injury attorney. If you or any of your loved one face such accident, you should immediately contact an accident injury lawyer who will help you to get the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, treatment for pain and suffering, lost wages and so on. When you are in Kern County in California and face such accident, you must take help from a drunk driving accident injury attorney from that area who has enough expertise in this field to give you the justice.

People Who Are Responsible For Drunk Driving Accidents

People who are usually prone to occur such accidents, include-

Driving the car in the drunken condition is an offense as these drunk drivers are entirely responsible for their unnatural behavior.

Party Hosts
When any guest attended a party causes a drunk driving accident, the responsibility of the accident also comes over the people who have hosted the parties where alcohol has been provided to the driver.

Restaurant/Bar Staff and Owners
Sometimes restaurant and bar owners and staffs can be responsible for drunk driving accidents because they are guilty of negligence their responsibility to stop serving drinks to the patrons who seem to be intoxicated.

Facts About California DUI And DWI Accidents

When you are living in any of the states of California, be it Kern County or Fresno or Turlock, you need to be aware about basic laws of DUI and DWI as nowadays such accidents are taking place very often. Every year, over 30,000 victims in California are injured due to drunken and drug-related car accident cases and more than 2,000 people are killed. As per the rules of state’s blood alcohol level (BAC), the law of DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) vary due to age of the driver and type of vehicle (private or commercial) caused for the accident. Based on the state you are living USA, the laws of such drunk driving accident differ. A good drunk driving accident injury attorney must be well aware of all these laws so that he will give the justice to the victim of such accident.

Civil Lawsuits of Drunk Driving Accidents

The victims of these drunk driving accidents along with their families may claim in the civil court if they want to recover monetary damages. They can also press criminal charges against the drivers responsible for the accidents. When the drunk driver is convicted or arrested for DUI or DWI in California, the victim has the right to charge a civil claim where he or she doesn’t have to wait for concluding the criminal trial before they can pursue the civil legal action. In the entire process, a drunk driving accident injury attorney can guide the victim in the right direction to get him the justice and compensation he deserves.

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