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Dog Bite Attorneys In San Diego. We Are The Top Rated San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers

Any breed of dog can transfer disease which infects its victim if the dog owner did not do their due diligence making sure their pet was up to date with all medical shots required by law. Aside from infection, you can also suffer from permanent scarring of the skin and emotional distress / PTSD.

Our San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers can hep you Dog bites and dog attacks can happen at any second and most attacks go unreported due to the lack of knowledge of one’s rights. If you have been assaulted by an individuals pet, regardless of its size, contact us today, our Personal Injury Attorneys In San Diego are available 24/7 ready to access the severity of your case. The emotional trauma you have suffered or could suffer in the near future may be a risk to your health. Never allow a serious event occur without seeking the right medical attention and legal research. Contact a qualified dog bite lawyer today at (858)609-8697.

Do I Need a Lawyer For A Dog Bite?

The extensive damages to the body after being bitten can lead to serious infection and even amputation of a body part if not taken care of immediately. Our first step after evaluating your case is to schedule medical treatment either the very next day or as soon as possible with our expert dog bite specialists in the healthcare system. We cover all upfront costs and medical expenses by placing all costs on a lien agreement until your case is settled, meaning you pay nothing up front. Our National leading dog bite attorneys have the experience and qualifications to make sure you are properly compensated for the pain, suffering, loss of work and mental distress which is legally rewardable under California Dog Bite Laws.

We Are The Number One Choice For San Diego Dog Bite Injury Cases

It is in your best interest as a victim of an injury case to contact the right defense that will fight for you. Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys do not settle until our client’s cases do. You can sleep well at night knowing that our team of experienced lawyers will take the aggressive action necessary against any insurance company for proper compensation for your specific case. These are time-sensitive cases and the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to fight for your earnings. We recommend all animal bite victims whether it is a pit bull, German Shepard, boxer or any type of pet, that you call our office today at (858)609-8697.

What many people do know is how simple it is to receive proper compensation if they have been bitten by another person’s pet. The pet owner does have to own animal insurance for their K9 or some sort of home insurance that covers these types of incidents in order to be awarded in court.

If your skin has been pierced due to a bite, you are not required to show proof of the aggressiveness and you do not need to show any past attacks or acts of aggression. To leave it simple, as long as the dog bit you, you are eligible for a settlement check to cover all damages inflicted. The location of the incident does not matter, you can be in public or you can be inside of the pet owners home, the owner must assume all responsibilities and all times for the actions of their dogs.

Child victims

Unfortunately, children are more vulnerable for the attack of dog. The main reason is that they are smaller in size so that the dogs can bite them easily and they are not matured enough to understand the upcoming dangers from the animal and hence they cannot take the necessary precaution. In fact, sometimes provocation from the children allures the dogs to bite them. Whatever may be the reason, when a child is bitten by a dog, it is always suggested to contact a San Diego dog bite injury attorney who can seek justice for the victim or his family.

Other frequent victims.

You cannot predict about dog attacks as they can bite anybody at any moment, sometimes for some specific reason, or sometimes without any reason. However, people who are more vulnerable for dog attacks are mail carriers and meter readers who have to enter the area of the dog owners. A great number of dogs have normal tendency to protect their home front, so they can bark and sometimes launch a full-scale attack to the intruders. When such cases of dog bites take place, the liability of the incidents comes over the pet owners and only a good dog bite attorney can ask for the justice and compensation for the victims for their injuries

California Dog Bite Laws

In certain states in the United States, dog biting is not taken so seriously when the dog bites for the first time. Here the liability of dog attack doesn’t come from the dog owners. However, when you are in California you will be assured that the law of this state doesn’t allow any free bite for the dogs and excuse the dog owners from the responsibility of the dog bites. It doesn’t matter whether the dog has earlier shown any sign of dangerous susceptibilities not, the liability of the attack comes from the dog owner if the accident occurs in the public place. You can view more laws on dog bite attacks here –> California Dog Bite Laws.

There can be several injuries and damages caused by a dog bite. When a small attack from a dog can crack bones, comparatively severe attack can cause nerve damage and even permanent paralysis in the limbs. Suffering from infection or disease, hassles, pain, enduring emotional trauma are the frequent results from dog bites. The victims need to go through several medical treatments which result in ridiculously high medical bills.

When you are in San Diego, California, you don’t need to think twice take to handle this type of situation. Hire a good and experienced dog bite accident lawyer who can give the right justice for you along with the associated costs of your treatment and compensation.


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